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Leading hotel group centralizes Revenue Management to improve decision-making and cut costs

revenue-enhancement opportunities detected

8 times
faster analysis and reporting

RM practices across 11 hotels


“Now we can analyze the market deeply and act faster, being more effective and consequently generating more revenue... We were able to save time preparing reports, and redirect our attention to what really matters. In a constantly changing environment, Climber’s strongest point is the ability to design and create new features according to our revenue management needs, working very close to us.”

Miguel Castello Branco, Revenue & E-Commerce Manager at DHM

Business Challenge

Discovery Hotel Management (DHM) is a group that manages 11 hotels spread throughout Portugal.
As the chain is growing there was a need to centralize the Revenue Management (RM) to guarantee reliable decisions. Its RM team relied on spreadsheets to run daily analysis that supports availability, pricing and campaigns decisions. These complex and highly dependent datasets were increasingly difficult to manage, leading to missed opportunities, decision delays and were far from real-time market changes. DHM needed to automate these time-consuming processes to transform its 20-hour manual effort to a simple auto-reporting.

Climber Solution

Climber’s dynamic reporting and opportunity detection modules work together to deliver an intuitive and powerful revenue management processes automation capability, while also providing a proactive assessment of any risks, issues, and dependencies—enabling the RM team to make decisions quickly and reliably.

Business Impact

Climber’s Revenue Manager Strategy (RMS) secures and executes data across DHM 11 hotels, detects opportunities, automated a tedious 20-hour-a-week manual reporting into a simple and 8 times faster analysis and ensures stability while reducing costs.

  • Instant updates keep critical systems updated, in order to give the RM team access to up-to- date data such as new reservations, cancellations and changes in group management.

  • Pickup variations or changes in reservations automatically trigger severity alerts, eliminating manual detection and helping reduce the amount of work by 50 percent.

  • Customizable alerts automatically detected over 4.800 opportunities in four months and recommended actions that allowed to avoid overbooking risks, reducing risk of losing groups and increase revenues by setting better prices, closing channels earlier, reacting faster to cancellations and launching discounts on low demand peaks.

  • Real-time dynamic pickup reports and scenario-based tentative reservations management empowers the RM team to solve problems before they affect the hotel’s performance.

  • Centralized RM simplifies day-to-day communication with the 11 hotels, increasing hotel e-commerce staff efficiency and helps the team improve decision-making.

  • Intuitive interface and easy-to-use solution allowed better forecasting and pricing setting, contributing to DHM’s hotels hitting their annual budgets.

  • Climber’s RMS integrated three new hotels in one week instead of weeks or months, enabling DHM to get nearly immediate value from their investment.